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la_la_lie5's Journal

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A little or a lot to say...well, there's quite a lot, but unfortunately there isn't enough hours in the day to say what I'd care to say. But anyways, hi. I'm Kristina. I'm quite the talker, even though I love to tell people that I just met that I'm extremely shy and that I have problems opening up to people, which is very untrue. I enjoy meeting new people and talking with friends. I have to be around people all the time in order for me to have a good time. Once and a while I had trouble relateing to my friends about certain issues, but I always let them know that I'm here for them and always will be. My journal is mostly about my life and what I would want to say about something I feel the need to go on and on about. It's just because it's important to me. But when I do have something to say and I go on and on about it, I start to lose interest in what I'm even saying, which is a really bad habit of mine. But anyways, I enjoy life and so should everyone else <3