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So my first year of Warped Tour is approaching faster than I'm expecting it to, but I'm more than stoked to go. I'm pretty new to everything, and basically, I'm relying on what my boyfriend is telling me to bring/do/act/ect. Only problem is that I don't think he quite knows as much as he thinks he does. Haha. Basically, I'm wondering how much money I should bring, what to wear (I really don't want to be too hot, or too cold), and things like that.

Any suggestions? It would be appreciated. =] 
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I apologize to anyone who I snagged icons from and I didn't give credit. I wasn't quite sure on how to credit, but a kind soul explained how, and I vow to credit anytime I use an icon.

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 Hey there, I'm Kristina. I'm new to the community, but definately not new to FTSK. I've seen a couple of their concerts in the past years, and they put on amazing shows. Plus, I'm excited to see them at Warped this year.

Quick question for everyone: Does anyone know where I could possibly get their newer album cheaper than itunes? I mean, yes, $7.99 is a good price for cd on that site, but since I'm a broke student, I'm looking for a good bargin. Any suggestions? Plus, where can I find the song 'Indiana'? The only way I can be able to own it through itunes is buying the entire album, which I'm trying to avoid.

Thanks =]

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I've come to realize that people change...and not necessarily for the good, either. It's as if one minute you have great friends to back you up, then you have absolutely nothing there. Why is it? Who the hell knows. The only people they care about is themselves anyways, or their older so-called "friends" who will talk behind their back in the next, oh, say ten seconds. I know they changed, and I know I may have changed as well, but for whom? Myself, or them? The people I learned to never trust based on instinct. Whatever it may be, will hopefully end in the next coming years. School is about to end, so that's a plus. Hopefully it's just a phase that will end shortly...

I know it's wrong to put everyone else before myself, but that's the way I am. I make sure to please everyone and anyone before I make myself satisfied. I want the need to feel wanted and accept, just as everyone else, but I feel like I long for it much, much more than most people. I guess in order to find out who my true friends are, I have to find out what I want and who I am.

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So a couple days ago I realized that my Riot! CD is scratched...pretty bad. I mean, I can listen to the first four or five songs without a problem, but then it progressively gets worse.  I heard so many tricks to make the CD un-scratched, such as nail polish remover and all that. I also heard that lightly pressing down water on the CD will help, but I seriously don't wanna risk ruining my disk. Any help or suggestions to rescue my beloved Riot! album?

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